REPORT - Usage Board telecon 2006-12-15


Participants: Akira, Andrew, Pete (for Andy), Diane, Joe, Stuart, Tom (chair)

1. Manzanillo follow-up

   ACTION 2006-12-15 Stuart: Summarize discussion to date of
   definition for 'controlled vocabularies' to dc-usage list.

   AGREED: Definition of "genre" circulated by Joe poses no problems
   with regard to Type.

   ACTION 2006-12-15 Joe: Liaise with Pete and dc-usage on clarification
   of the term "controlled vocabulary" with respect to VES, SES, and 
   RDF datatypes; prepare one-page note for discussion prior to Barcelona.

   ACTION 2006-12-15 Tom, Pete, Andy: Declaring
   classes for "types of term" SyntaxEncodingScheme and
   VocabularyEncodingScheme and related changes to DCMI
   Namespace Policy.  This will occur in the context of the
   DCAM revision and is not a Usage Board action - recorded
   here for information only.

   ACTION 2006-12-15 Andy: Consider UB suggestions (as documented in
   in revising the Domain and Range vocabulary,

   ACTION 2006-10-01: Before Barcelona, Stuart to review
   the section of the process document which concerns the
   requirements for conforming status for application profiles,
   as part of a general review of the language of the process

   ACTION 2006-10-01: Tom to check DCTerms definitions for consistency
   with changed DCMES definitions, and prepare a document to
   summarise nature of changes made.

   ACTION 2006-10-01: Tom to replace the Principles document
   at with a
   page that copies the definitions of elements etc from DCAM
   and includes a short text stating: that the document which
   used to live here has been superseded by the DCAM. Update
   UB page to say we do things in light of the DCAM.

   ACTION 2006-10-01: Tom to look through DCMI site and
   note those pages where a reference to the principles
   document needs to be changed to a reference to the DCAM
   as appropriate.

-- DCMES decisions and response to comments

   NOTED: Tom has prepared following documents for publication on 18 December:

   ACTION 2006-12-15: Stuart to read 2006-03.response-to-comments.shtml
   carefully before Sunday, Dec 16.

   ACTION 2006-12-15: Tom add summary of what we decided to point 5 in

-- Preliminary review of Collection Description AP (Andrew)

   ACTION 2006-12-15 Andrew: finalize feedback to Collection
   Description Working Group:, removing
   final sentence re: including definition of "rich representation",
   and send to Tom for posting to CD WG list.

   AGREED: Postpone finalization of a review summary
   pending submission of revised CDAP for possible review
   in Barcelona:

   ACTION 2006-12-15 Stuart: make editorial input to -
   review criteria and procedures.

-- March 16-17 Usage Board meeting in Barcelona
   Goals for meeting:
   -- Approve domain/range classes as new DCMI terms
   -- Approve assignments of domains and ranges to existing DCMI terms
   -- Designate existing encoding schemes as Syntax Encoding Schemes or
      Vocabulary Encoding Schemes
   -- Possibly, approve DCTERMS revisions ("content of", etc)
   -- If available, final review of Collection Description AP

   ACTION 2006-12-15 Tom: Schedule telecons for February to
   prepare for Barcelona.

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