DCMI Usage Board - Wednesday, 2007-12-12 2100 UTC telecon - report

This report: http://dublincore.org/usage/minutes/2007/2007-12-12.dcub-telecon-report.html
Agenda:      http://dublincore.org/usage/minutes/2007/2007-12-12.dcub-telecon-agenda.html

Present: Tom Baker, Diane Hillmann, Julie Allinson, Joe Tennis, 
Pete Johnston, Akira Miyazawa, Andrew Wilson

   Wednesday, 23 January
   1300 Seattle / 1600 New York / 2100 London (UTC) / 2200 Berlin / 0600 Tokyo+ / 0800 Sydney+

NEXT BUILD on 14 January goals:
-- "Revisions to DCMI Metadata Terms" as a UB decision document (see below)
-- "Domains and Ranges" as a UB decision document (see below)
-- Updated Decisions page - http://stage.dublincore.org/usage/decisions/#Decision-2008-01
-- Updated TERMS document -
-- Updated RDF schemas

"Revisions to DCMI Metadata Terms" 
-- http://stage.dublincore.org/usage/decisions/2008/dcterms-changes/index.shtml

Editing of this document is "done" but for details.

ACTION 2007-12-12: Tom to revise section on Type Vocabulary in 

-- http://stage.dublincore.org/documents/2008/01/14/domain-range/

Tom and Pete replaced "[unspecified]" with the implied domain
or implied range of rdfs:Resource so that this is now applied
consistently in the document.  

Explanatory text on the intentions w.r.t. non-literal ranges
has been added.

Pete has updated the class diagrams in
Tom will check.

ACTION 2007-08-26: Pete and Mikael to investigate the
usefulness of defining a class of 'non-literal' and assess what
the consequences of this would be for machine processability.
(Usage Board should track issues involved in the notion of
a range of 'non-literal'.)
-- continues


ACTION 2007-08-25: Tom to add clarification to Introduction
of http://dublincore.org/documents/dcmi-terms/ -- for example
rationale for replicating 1.1 terms in the TERMS namespace,
recommendations on what people should be using by preference,
and any other -- will circulate to AB for advice on anything
else that should be in that introduction.  Also "member of".
-- continues

Tom has re-designed the TERMS document according to the following
outline (as agreed in Singapore):
    Table of Contents
    Section 1: Introduction and Definitions
    Section 2: Properties in the /terms/ namespace
    Section 3: Properties in the legacy /elements/1.1/ namespace
    Section 4: Vocabulary Encoding Schemes
    Section 5: Syntax Encoding Schemes
    Section 6: Classes
    Section 7: DCMI Type Vocabulary
    Section 8: Terms related to the DCMI Abstract Model

ACTION 2007-12-12: Pete to suggest a way to present a tabular
overview of terms at the top of the document.

ACTION 2007-12-12: Andrew and Julie to review document and 

-- http://stage.dublincore.org/usage/reviews/index.shtml

ACTION 2007-08-25: Tom to add to the criteria in the wiki
a section called "Organizational Context": evaluation questions
to be asked about who has stewardship of a proposed AP.
-- continues

ACTION 2007-12-12: Joe to edit Profile Review Criteria -
http://dublincore.org/usageboardwiki/ProfileReviewCriteriaNew -
for discussion in late January.

ACTION 2007-12-12: Andrew to edit Term Decision Tree -
(was http://dublincore.org/architecturewiki/TermDecisionTree)
- especially focusing on differentiating
Vocabulary and Syntax Encoding Schemes

ACTION 2007-12-12: Diane to outline an approach to presenting
documentation on application profiles for non-technical users.
(Tom has created the page http://dublincore.org/usageboardwiki/IntroToProfiles
starting with links to legacy documents of interest.)


ACTION 2007-11-23: Joe and Andrew to edit a discussion
of issues with the element Coverage
for discussion on a future telecon.  (Note: 'spatial' and
'temporal' are "correct" but 'coverage' is too broad --
it allows for topic and this is in conflict with 'subject'
[TK] -- this is an Application Profile issue [TB].)
-- on the back burner for now

ACTION 2007-08-26: Tom and Mikael to create a draft "Simple
Dublin Core" AP using the 1.1 namespace and which models
everything as literals. Document the legacy functional
requirements and the organizational context for this AP.
-- continues

ACTION 2007-08-26: Andrew, Tom, and Dan B, in context of Agents
TG, to finish the assessment of FOAF against the functional
requirements. Include context describing kinds of places
where FOAF would be useful and where it wouldn't be useful.
Following this assessment, the TG to propose/recommend a
course of action to DCMI Directorate.
-- continues.  Andrew to progress in January.

ACTION 2007-03-17: Joe to draft a document discussing
issues related to principles and purpose of UB decision-making.
(The context was the decision to define ISO639-2 as a set of codes.)
-- continues.

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