Usage Board telecon - Wednesday 28 January 2009 - 2100 UTC

This agenda:

Expected: Tom Baker, Julie Allinson, Pete Johnston,
          Akira Miyazawa, Stefanie Ruehle, Joe Tennis,
          Andrew Wilson

Wednesday, January 28
    1300 Seattle
    1600 New York
    2100 London = 2100 UTC
    2200 Berlin
    0600 Tokyo
    0800 Canberra 

Dial-in Number:           1-219-509-8020
Participant Access Code:  334034

Reading list for the call - everyone please review!

-- DCMI Libraries properties - Stefanie's draft note to Corey and Mary:
-- Draft SWAP review (in progress)
-- SWAP, corrected (in progress)
-- Profile review criteria
-- Profile review criteria issue raised by Tom re: mandatory constraints
-- SWAP and Profile review criteria issue raised by Pete re: ST with same property constraints

Details below...

Review of DCMI Libraries properties

Berlin conclusions:

    1.1 Date Captured

    Conclusion: Proposal does not provide well-defined notion
    of "captured", but based on our discussion, Option 3
    (dcterms:captured as subproperty of dcterms:created) seems
    most appropriate approach.

    Issues: Meaning of "capture" is not clear: "digitisation" is
    one case; "snapshotting" Web sites etc is another. Difficult
    to generalise.

    1.2 Holding Location

    DECISION: Suggest use of agls:availability.

    1.3 Version

    DECISION: Agreed to present property as proposed for public
    comment and finalise in telecon.

On the call, we will discuss:

    Stefanie's draft note to Mary Woodley and Corey Harper of 2009-01-26 - see

Review of Accessibility properties

Berlin conclusions:

    RESOLVED: Co-ordinate development of property and VES with
    AGLS. Andrew to shepherd.

    Step 1: Liaise with AGLS re co-ordinated publication of
    property dcterms:accessibility and AGLS VES.

    Step 2: UB to ask AGLS to confirm desired VES.

    Step 3: UB and AGLS to jointly agree natural language
    definition and formal range to express semantics of
    resource-valuerelationship. (Note: currently apparent
    overlap between values for "accessibility" and "accessMode"

    Goal: Co-ordinated publication of DCMI property and AGLS VES
    along with simple usable documentation.

On the call:

    Andrew to report on progress with AGLS.

Review of Scholarly Works Application Profile (SWAP)
-- see

For discussion on the 2009-01-28 call, everyone please read
the draft review:

Note the following:
-- Julie has been making corrections at and will convert
   the AP into a HTML document we can archive as a snapshot.

-- Added bullet point about the kev:ctx format as a datatype,
   under "Metadata Terms Referenced".

To discuss on the call:

-- A clear statement of conformance.

-- Issue raised by Pete of two STs (Expression/Entity Type and
   Expression/Type) with the same property list constraint
   (list of one member, dc:type).  (Note that the DSP
   specification says that "For each description, each
   statement is bound to a Statement Template in the
   corresponding Description Template by evaluating the
   Property Constraint. Each statement must be bound to
   exactly one...")

   See Pete's posting of 15 January:

    ISSUE 2008-09-21: Criteria should reflect that a property list
    constraint should be used once only within a description
    template. Guidance should be given to application profile
    creators on this issue, e.g. using the subject example where
    an application profile wants to require an LCSH term and have
    an option to add a free tag or a different vocabulary term.
    Consider inclusion of this guidance on the current proposed
    guidelines for application profiles.  One option is to make
    the constraint human-readable only. Clarify with Mikael before
    progressing this.

Profile Review Criteria
-- 2009-01-05. Published on

   This is a snapshot of
   which we used in Berlin.

-- Issue: Dependence of Review Criteria on the Description Set Profile specification
   -- see

    ACTION 2008-09-21: Tom to correct profile review criteria
    section on statement templates: [mandatory] property
    constraints - one of the following: ...

    For discussion: Tom's posting of 2009-01-26:

Ongoing actions and issues...

    ACTION 2008-09-21: Joe and Andrew to continue work on Coverage.

    ACTION 2008-09-21: Tom (and Mikael) to continue work on Simple Dublin Core.

    ACTION 2008-09-21: Tom to amend the naming policy (DCMI
    names should not differ only with respect to case).

    ACTION 2008-09-21: Andrew and Julie to write a one-page guideline on
    creating new terms that comply with the DCAM (replaces the
    original action).

    ACTION 2008-09-21: Tom to correct RDF schemas of DCMI Metadata
    Terms to use blank node with publisher.

    ISSUE 2008-09-21: Is it good practice to provide a
    Value VES in addition to a Value URI, or is it arguably
    redundant?  (Example: "Entity Type" under "Scholarly Work"
    in SWAP,
    Guidance on this point may belong in the application
    profile guidelines.

    ISSUE 2008-09-21: Rendering of Wiki pages using the DSP
    syntax does not capture all of the DSP detail and uses
    different labelling.  It would be useful to hyperlink
    labels in the DSP rendered page to the DSP documentation
    itself.  Also, to hyperlink description template labels
    within the wiki page itself, e.g. creator to agent