Usage Board telecon - Wednesday 17 June 2009 - 1300 UTC

   0600 Seattle - 0900 New York - 1400 London - 1500 Berlin - 2200 Tokyo - 2300 Canberra 

This agenda:

Expected: Tom Baker, Stefanie Ruehle, Pete Johnston,
          Akira Miyazawa, Joe Tennis, Andrew Wilson,
          Liddy Nevile (guest)

Regrets:  Julie Allinson

Dial-in Number:           1-219-509-8020
Participant Access Code:  334034
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Previous telecon

Report -

Comment of dcterms:creator

RESOLVED 2009-02-26: General consensus that the comment for
the property "creator" -- "Typically, the name of a Creator
should be used to indicate the entity" -- should be dropped for
dcterms:creator (but retained for dc:creator). Rationale: the
comment creates confusion for a property with a formal range of

ACTION 2009-04-22: Tom to turn Pete's proposal at
into a decision document for finalization on next telecon.

Review of Usage Guide and related materials (Tom)

Review of legacy documentation

Review of Accessibility properties (Andrew)

2009-09-23 Berlin conclusions:

    RESOLVED: Co-ordinate development of property and VES with
    AGLS. Andrew to shepherd.

    Step 1: Liaise with AGLS re co-ordinated publication of
    property dcterms:accessibility and AGLS VES.

    Step 2: UB to ask AGLS to confirm desired VES.

    Step 3: UB and AGLS to jointly agree natural language
    definition and formal range to express semantics of
    resource-valuerelationship. (Note: currently apparent
    overlap between values for "accessibility" and "accessMode"

    Goal: Co-ordinated publication of DCMI property and AGLS VES
    along with simple usable documentation.

2009-06-15 Andrew summary of Accessibility discussion

Next telecon - late August?

-- Will put up Doodle poll.

-- Possible time slots (for discussion):
   2100 UTC - 1400 Seattle / 1700 New York / 2200 London / 2300 Berlin / 0600 Tokyo+ / 0700 Canberra+
   1300 UTC - 0600 Seattle / 0900 New York / 1400 London / 1500 Berlin / 2200 Tokyo  / 2300 Canberra

Annual face-to-face meeting

-- Agenda
   Proposed: 17:00-22:00 Seoul = 09:00-14:00 UK?

-- Attendance
   Confirmed: Tom, Joe, Akira
   Maybe: Pete, Andrew, Stefanie?
   Regrets: Julie

Ongoing actions and issues...

    ACTION 2008-09-21: Joe and Andrew to continue work on Coverage.

    ACTION 2008-09-21: Tom (and Mikael) to continue work on
    Simple Dublin Core.

    ACTION 2008-09-21: Tom to amend the naming policy (DCMI
    names should not differ only with respect to case).

    ACTION 2008-09-21: Tom to correct RDF schemas of DCMI Metadata
    Terms to use blank node with publisher.

    ISSUE 2008-09-21: Is it good practice to provide a
    Value VES in addition to a Value URI, or is it arguably
    redundant?  (Example: "Entity Type" under "Scholarly Work"
    in SWAP,
    Guidance on this point may belong in the application
    profile guidelines.

    ISSUE 2008-09-21: Rendering of Wiki pages using the DSP
    syntax does not capture all of the DSP detail and uses
    different labelling.  It would be useful to hyperlink
    labels in the DSP rendered page to the DSP documentation
    itself.  Also, to hyperlink description template labels
    within the wiki page itself, e.g. creator to agent