DC-2003 / 28 September - 2 October 2003 / Seattle, Washington USA
2003 Dublin Core Conference: Supporting Communities of Discourse and Practice--Metadata Research and Application
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Agents & Rights Working Groups: Considering Agents and Rights
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Chair:John Kunze, jak@ckm.ucsf.edu


1. Status Report
Brief working group review and update.

2. Agent Description Core
The motivation for declaring a core set of elements appropriate to
identification of people and organizations in a cross-domain information
environment is similar to the motivation for Dublin Core metadata
concerning resources. There are many standards or conventions that
have been elaborated for many purposes, few of which will interoperate
easily. Proposing an Agent Description Core, then, under the auspices of
the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative, can serve the purpose of promoting
convergence among those elaborating new schemes, providing a
property set that existing schemes can map into for purposes of
after-the-fact interoperability, and extending the principles of
modularity and extensibility into the identification of people and

3. Rights and Rights Holders
A proposal is under development to promote a standard means within
the Dublin Core architecture to declare intellectual property rights. The
proximal motivation for this effort is the use of Creative Commons
licenses (http://creativecommons.org), but the proposal will be
sufficiently general to support declaration of other licenses as well.

4. Revisiting the Agents Charter
The working group will be looking to align itself with recent developments,
emerging priorities, and changing group participants. Hence this strawperson
proposal for a new, streamlined two-point charter:

A. Develop a recommendation for an agent element set (e.g., an agent
description core), possibly to include agent element qualifiers.

B. Develop a recommendation for a mechanism for linking from agent
elements (in resource records) to agent records.

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