DC-2003 / 28 September - 2 October 2003 / Seattle, Washington USA
2003 Dublin Core Conference: Supporting Communities of Discourse and Practice--Metadata Research and Application
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DCMI 2003 Pre-Conference Workshop:
Metadata and Search

   Sunday, September 28, 2003
   Seattle, Washington, USA
Sponsor: DCMI Global Corporate Circle
Venue: Bell Harbor International Conference Center
Workshop Fee: $200.00 USD (Workshop participation limited to 60)
   Online Registration (DC-2003 Conference & Workshop)

  • Are there Dublin Core enabled search engines?
  • What is a vocabulary-enabled search service?
  • Has anyone measured the costs and benefits before and after Dublin Core has been adopted and used to add metadata to content?
  • What is faceted search and is it really a new technology?
  • Are there some compelling case studies that demonstrate the best practices in metadata and search?

These are some of the questions that the first in a planned series of workshops organized by the DCMI Global Corporate Circles Special Interest Group will address.

This all day workshop will focus on internal or site search technology, as opposed to external, Internet or web search technology (although some technology is applicable to both internal and external search applications). There will be presentations by experts, implementation case studies from our community, demonstrations by search technology vendors, and lots of time for Q&A with our experts, practitioners, vendors, and among ourselves.

Plan to stay on for the Dublin Core 2003 conference which will include a meeting of the Global Corporate Circles Special Interest Group, and help plan future workshops and events. Ideas already raised include a focus on practical issues related to implementing Dublin Core in large organizations, personalization and portals, and metadata creation tools.

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Workshop Organizers:  Joseph Busch, Principal,
  Taxonomy Strategies
 Michael Crandall, Technology
  Manager, The Bill & Melinda Gates

Tentative Workshop Schedule:  8:30-9:30
   First Session: Experts
   Second Session: Case Studies
   Third Session: Vendors
   Fourth Session: Questions &

   DC-2003 Opening Reception

Experts:  Lou Rosenfeld,
 Marti Hearst, University of
  California at Berkeley
 Mike Doane, Senior Content
  Analyst, SBI and Company

Case Studies:  Helen Josephine, Manager
  Information Management Group,
  Intel Library
  Intel Corporation
 Sandra Hostetter, Manager,
  Content Management Group,
  Knowledge Center, Rohm and
  Haas Company
 Julie Martin, Lead Taxonomist
  Library and Learning Center
  Services, The Boeing Company
 Sean Squires & Casey Krub,
  Technology Analysts and
  Taxonomists, Infrastructure
  Services–Metrics & Reporting
   Washington Mutual, Inc.

Vendors:  Jim Restivo, President & CEO,
  BlueAngel Technologies
 Pete Bell, Co-founder, Endeca
 Alex Wade, Product Manager,
  Microsoft SharePoint
 Brad Allen, President, Siderean
 Brian DiSilvestro, Director of
  Business Development,

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