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Metadata Workshop II

Organized by
United Kingdom Office for Library & Information Networking
and the OCLC Online Computer Library Center

Endorsed by
Joint Information Systems Committee,
National Center for Supercomputer Applications,

April 1 - 3, 1996
University of Warwick, UK

last modified February 13, 1996

The Second Invitational Metadata Workshop is intended to broaden the scope of the effort begun in March of 1995 at the OCLC/NCSA Metadata Workshop. The first meeting convened a mix of computer science, text markup, and library professionals who achieved consensus concerning a simple resource description record that may serve as a foundation for unifying various network resource description models.

Substantial interest in this approach has developed in digital library efforts around the world, including the US Digital Library Initiative projects, JISC's Electronic Libraries Programme in the UK, an emerging digital library initiative under the auspices of the ERCIM consortium of European National Laboratories, and in related efforts by the national libraries of Australia and New Zealand.

The second workshop is intended to explore deployment strategies that will improve prospects for semantic interoperability on a global basis and across discipline boundaries.

The first workshop targeted the semantic content of a simple description record. The focus of the second workshop will be to build upon this foundation to identify implementation strategies that will serve two main purposes:




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Resources : A Proposed Convention for Embedding Metadata in HTML (1996-06-02)

Report : A Syntax for Dublin Core Metadata: Recommendations from the Second Metadata Workshop (1996-04-01)

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