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dc:DC The Sixth Dublin Core Metadata Workshop

November 2-4, 1998
Library of Congress, Washington, DC., USA

Hosted by The Library of Congress and OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc. With support from the National Science Foundation and the Coalition for Network Information.

The Dublin Core Metadata Invitational Workshop Series began in March of 1995, convening a broad range of information professionals to address the problem of improving resource discovery on the Internet. The present workshop is the 6th in the series. The goal of this sixth workshop is to consolidate developments of various Dublin Core working groups, to share implementation experiences and strategies of existing pilot implementations, and to address key issues necessary to promote interoperability among Dublin Core implementations.

General Information General information and accommodation
Schedule & Agenda Outline and framework of the workshop
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Registration Registration for this workshop is now closed.
1998-10-06, weibel@oclc.org
Additional Resources References to background metadata intiatives


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