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DC8 - Agenda with links to Presentations

DAY 1: Wednesday, October 4

8:00 Registration
9:00 Plenary I:
  I.A. Welcome to DC-8 20 MIN
  I.B. Dublin Core Basics Stuart Weibel 40 MIN

A review of the milestones and accomplishments of the previous year and a look at the strategic plan for the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative, including progress in standardization, evolution of the mission and progress, and liaisons with other metadata activities.

The Dublin Core Metadata Initiative - 8th Plenary Workshop [Powerpoint] [HTML]

  I.C. DC Qualifiers and a Grammar for DC Metadata Tom Baker 30 MIN

The background, process, and principles that led to the approval of the Dublin Core Qualifiers, and how these developments have influenced both semantic and syntactic specifications for DC metadata.
see http://www.gmd.de/People/Thomas.Baker/DC-Grammar.html
for Tom Baker's discussion paper on Dublin Core as a metadata grammar.

Dublin Core Qualifiers and A Grammar for Dublin Core [Powerpoint] [HTML]

10:30 Morning Break 30 MIN
11:00 Plenary II: Modular management of complexity
  II.A Application Profiles Rachel Heery 30 MIN

An explanation of recent developments in mixing and managing multiple metadata schemas, and how these techniques can be used to support modular deployment of metadata packages, enabling applications to adopt specific components of DC metadata, add local extensions, and combine them with other metadata schemas. The talk will address syntax issues, description of structured entities within application profiles, and suggest means to accomodate domain-specific metadata.
see http://homes.ukoln.ac.uk/~lisrmh/app-prof.htm
for a discussion paper on application profiles

Application Profiles: managing metadata schemas [Powerpoint] [HTML]

  II.B Structured Metadata for Richer Description Eric Miller and Dan Brickley 30 MIN

The issue of how best to accomodate metadata with substructure (metadata values which themselves have metadata attributes) has been the subject of longstanding controversy in the DC community. The description of agents, and how they relate to information resources is a prime example of this problem, but there are others as well. This session is intended to expose some of the problems and opportunities facing the DC community in this important area. These include accomodating the diversity of functional requirements, and balancing the tension between local pragmatics and broad interoperability.

DCMI Architecture [Powerpoint] [HTML]

  II.C Discussion and Questions 30 MIN
12:30 Lunch 90 MIN
2:00 Break Out Sessions 120 MIN
4:00 Afternoon Break 30 MIN
4:30 IV. Plenary: Discussion of afternoon WG Sessions 90 MIN
7:00 pm Dinner
Cocktails served as of 6 pm

DAY 2: Thursday, October 5

08:30 V. Plenary: Discussion of Domain Specific Metadata
  V.A: DC-Education: Domain Specific Metadata 30 MIN
  The DC-Education Working group is the first example of a DC working group intended to develop domain specific metadata. The activities of this group and its implications for other DC activites will be discussed.


DC-Education Working Group: The DC-Ed Application Profile
[Powerpoint] [HTML]

  V.B: DCMI Registry 30 MIN

Metadata Registries are an emerging technology necessary for managing the complexity of multiple namespace metadata implementations and multiple language representations of metadata. This session will illustrate progress in this area in the Dublin Core community.

DC8 Registries Breakout [Powerpoint] [HTML]

Registry breakout group [Powerpoint] [HTML]

DCMI Open Registry [Powerpoint] [HTML]

  V.C: Metadata Reports from the field 60 MIN
  This session consists of reports on standardization and representative liaison activities with other metadata ativities.
  • CEN-MMI DC Workshop Agreement - Leif Andresen
  • European Schema Project - Makx Dekkers
  • European Environmental Agency - Thomas Pick
    • Presentation: European Environmental Agency Contact Information
      [Powerpoint] [HTML]
  • RDF Site Summary Working Group - Rael Dornfest
10:30 Morning Break 30 MIN
11:00 VI. Break-out sessions 90 MIN
12:30 Lunch  
2:00 VII. Plenary: Morning WGs Reports and Discussion 60 MIN
3:00 VIII. Break-Out Sessions 90 MIN

2nd meetings of any of the other groups as necessary

4:30 IX. Vendor demonstrations and Poster Sessions and Wine and Cheese Reception 120 MIN
7:00 Dinner  

DAY 3: Friday, October 6

9:00 X. Plenary: Reports from WGs and Discussion 60 MIN
10:00 Morning Break  
10:30 XI. Plenary Discussion of Open Issues and Workplan for 2001 120 MIN
12:30 Close of Workshop  
1:00 DC-Advisory Committee Meeting (Debriefing and planning)  

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