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DCMI Architecture Forum

Moderator: Corey A. Harper
New York University Libraries, USA
Moderator: Thomas Baker
Status: This group is currently active.
Established: 1997-10-21
Last Update: 2012-1-2
Charter: The objectives of the Architecture Forum are to discuss and develop a model, strategy and roadmap for the practical deployment of Dublin Core metadata using mainstream Web technologies (XML/RDF/XHTML).

Current Architecture Forum Activities

  • DCAM Review & Update

    This activity is working on updates to the DCMI Abstract Model (DCAM). The DCAM specifies an abstract syntax for "description sets" (metadata records). Finalized as a DCMI Recommendation in March 2005, the DCMI Abstract Model (DC-AM) expressed the style of metadata that had emerged in the Dublin Core community over the previous decade as formal constructs aligned to the W3C Resource Description Framework (for example, by giving a formal definition to the DC-specific notion of a "vocabulary encoding scheme" and providing for the use of parallel labels in multiple languages). The Abstract Model was designed to bridge the modern paradigm of the unbounded, linked data graph and the more familiar paradigm of the validatable metadata record, providing a foundation for the development of application-independent syntax specifications and constraint languages.

    Monitor & participate in this activity: - Meeting Minutes & Work Agenda: DCAM Revision activity wiki - Discussion: Architecture Forum mailing list & list archive

  • Core Property Mapping

    This activity is working on a mapping between and Dublin Core properties. The initiative aims at providing terms that webmasters can embed in Web pages to improve search results. For simplicity of adoption, the initiative is defining all of its terms in its own namespace. Where terms overlap with DCMI metadata terms, this Task Group will define and publish formal mappings. The Task Group will work with the maintainers of—"a complementary effort by people from the Linked Data community to support deployment and usage with a special focus on Linked Data"—which has already published a placeholder for future mappings to Dublin Core. The Task Group will identify use cases for the mappings and define a process and workflow to create, publish, and maintain the mappings.

    Monitor & participate in this activity: - Meeting Minutes & Work Agenda: mapping activity wiki - Discussion: Architecture Forum mailing list & list archive


For up to date information about the group see and /archive/mediawiki_wiki/Review_of_DCMI_Abstract_Model.

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  • 2011-06-27: Corey Harper appointed co-moderator, replacing Mikael Nilsson
  • 2007-04-02: Mikael Nilsson and Thomas Baker appointed co-moderators
  • 2006-12-12: Name changed to DCMI Architecture Forum
  • 2003-10-03: Andy Powell appointed chair
  • 2000-10-06: Name changed to DCMI Architecture Working Group, new jiscmail mailing list
  • 1997-10-21: DC Data Model Working Group announced, new mailbase mailing list, Misha Wolf appointed chair