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DCMI Citations Working Group

DCMI Citation Working Group

Chair: Ann Apps, Researcher, MIMAS, The University of Manchester, UK.
Status: This working group is inactive.
Established: 1998-11-04
Deactivated: 2006-10-02
Charter: To agree on mechanisms for providing a DC-compliant set of metadata properties for recording citation information for bibliographic resources.


2006-03-31 Citation Standards Ann Apps Working Group Resource - Completed
2005-02-28 Guidelines for Encoding Bibliographic Citation Information in Dublin Core Metadata Ann Apps Completed. Published as DCMI Recommendation.
2003-08-31 DCMICite: a Bibliographic Citation Dublin Core Structured Value Encoding Scheme Ann Apps Completed. Withdrawn.
2003-05-31 List of Citation Styles as Encoding Schemes Ann Apps Working Group Resource - Completed
2002-08-22 List of Identifier Encoding Schemes Ann Apps Working Group Resource - Completed
2002-03-28 A bibliographicCitation element Refinement for dc:identifier Ann Apps Completed
1999-11-03 Qualifier Proposal Cliff Morgan Completed
1999-07-02 Bibliographic Citation Working Draft - 1999-07-02 Cliff Morgan Completed

Open Issues

The initial focus of the Working Group was on capturing the complete bibliographic citation information for a journal article within the metadata for that article itself. This was extended to encompass citation information for references and other genres of bibliographic resources. Reference citation information may be encoded in the dcterms:references element refinement of dc:relation.


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